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Liberty Jump Team Tribute Area to veterans!

This area of our website is an important part of what we do as a team when we honor our veterans. The area is reserved as a tribute for people serving throughout the world. Whether past or present, living or not  living  we enjoy honoring these individuals. If you know of a Veteran or military personnel on Active duty or not and you would like to submit their information to this page please contact us. There are guidlines that need to be followed which we can send to you.
All veterans are heroes and while we could not possibly list all of the outstanding personel that have  served or are currently serving we have selected these outstanding people that are currently listed. We are proud of all veterans who risk their lives not just to America but in other parts of the world where people demand the right to be free.
When submitting a name for our BOD to consider remember the process is not an overnight process as credentials and information need to be properly checked before inclusion into this  area of our website.
When viewing our tributes section please remember to pray for all of the active duty troops serving in the NATO alliances around the world and those supporting missions in other countries.
                                                                                       We look forward to seeing your submissions!