Liberty Jump Team

Honoring Veterans of all Foreign Wars

Troopers Prayer

"Most gracious Heavenly Father, we want to thank you for this day you have given for these  fine men and women to gather to serve you and to serve these great Nations.

Lord, we pray you will lead, guide, and direct each and every Trooper in these sticks to perform  to the best of their ability, to do things that they are trained to do, to make every one of those    Sgt Airbornes proud of the great traditions they have passed down to us.

And dear Lord we pray for all the old Troopers, be they on this earth or in the heavens with you, that through our actions they will stop and say 'Those are the kind of men and women now that  we were then'

Forgive us where we fail you as we humbly beseech your blessings upon this Great and Noble Undertaking. It's in Your precious name we pray---Amen"

Dedicated to all Paratrooopers ---past, present and future.

Major Thomas C. Mason  DVM