Liberty Jump Team

Honoring Veterans of all Foreign Wars

LJT Resume




Normandy France D-Day Celebrations ‘Drag Em Oot’

Carentan 101st ABN DZ

Amfreville 507th PIR DZ



Normandy France D-Day Celebrations ‘Drag Em Oot’

Carentan 101st DZ

Amfreville DZ 'T'

Liesville sur Douve DZ- 1st night drop in Normandy since 1944


Fort Bragg NC 505 RCT 

Reunion Jump at Raeford DZ for vets


Bastogne Belgium ‘Battle of the Bulge’ ‘Drag Em Oot’ Rolle DZ

Mardasson DZ (canceled due to engine and weather problem)



Jump school /Refresher


Normandy France D-Day Celebrations ‘Drag Em Oot’

Carentan 101st ABN DZ

Angoville au Plain 101st ABN DZ (jump aborted due to high winds)

Merville Museum - Dedication of ‘SNAFU SPECIAL’ –restored C47)


Jump school/Refresher


Netherlands ‘Operation Market Garden’ ‘Drag Em Oot’

Best Holland 101st ABN DZ


Terre Haute IN – ‘Black Sparrow’

Victory Days Air Show (2 jumps per day)


Pope  AFB  440th Troop Carrier Group Reunion

Raeford,NC DZ from King Air



Jump school/Refresher

May 15-17 

Andrews AFB Joint Services Open House Air Show ‘Black Sparrow’

June 4-7 

Normandy France D-Day celebrations ‘Drag Em Oot’

La Fiere ‘Iron Mike 2 DZ’ (preceding the Military combined forces jump)

Angoville au Plain 101st ABN DZ

Amfreville 507th PIR DZ (Midnight June 5/6 drop - joined by cadre from 1st BN 507th PIR- 

Ft Benning, GA Airborne School)


Benton Harbor MI ‘Lest We Forget’ WWII Reenactment ‘Black Sparrow’

Dayton OH Wright Patterson AFB ‘Freedom’s Tattoo Call’ ‘Black Sparrow’


Indianapolis IN 440th Troop Carrier Group Reunion (jump canceled due to blown engine on ‘Black Sparrow’ on way in to event)

Ft Benning GA 507th PIR Reunion – Jumped onto Fryar DZ ‘Tico Belle’


Bastogne Belgium ‘Battle of the Bulge’ ‘Drag Em Oot’ Mardasson DZ


April   Jump school/Refresher

June 3-9 

Normandy France D-Day Celebrations ‘Drag Em Oot’

La Fiere ‘Iron Mike 2 DZ’

Angoville au Plain 101st ABN DZ

Sept 18-19

Netherlands ‘Operation Market Garden’ ‘Drag Em Oot’ 

‘Klein Amerika’ 82nd ABN DZ 

‘Den Heuvel’ 82nd ABN DZ Groesbeek 

Oct 22/23  SKYBALL VIII jump event in FT Worth TX ‘Cavanaugh C-47’ (jump aborted by Skyball POC due to weather)

October 30-31  Ft Worth TX Alliance Air Show (Static Display only) 

November  Hillwood Middle School Veterans Day Event 

December 12  Bastogne Belgium – ‘Battle of the Bulge’ Recogne-Corbu DZ ‘Drag Em Oot’


June 4-6 

Normandy France D-Day Celebrations

3 jumps including La Fiere ‘Iron Mike 2 DZ’ + Angoville au Plain DZ ‘D’ and Carentan Meautis ( La Fiere cancelled due to weather and Angoville due to plane issues but Carentan went off. We were accompanied by ABEILLE PARACHUTISME –a French skydive team)

July 8-10  1941 HAG Air Show Geneseo NY ‘Whiskey7’

October 19-23  507th PIR Reunion Fort Benning GA-Fryar DZ ‘Whiskey7’


April 28-30  Robins AFB Air Show Macon GA Don Brooks C47 

June 1- 6  Normandy France ‘Drag Em Oot’ 

June 2   Carentan- Meautis DZ June 3- La Fiere DZ

June 5   Evening Drop Carentan- Meautis (cancelled due to weather) 

June 6  Richard Winters memorial dedication (cancelled due to weather) 

June 16-17  Ray Fagen Memorial Air Show Granite Falls MN Cavanaugh C47 

July 13-15 1941 HAG Air Show Geneseo NY 1941 HAG 'Whiskey 7’ 

August 10/11  Week of Eagles Air Show Ft Campbell KY 1941 HAG 'Whiskey7’ 

September 28-30  Wings Over North Georgia Air Show Rome GA Spooky C47,GA 

October 12-13  Eisenhower Birthday Celebration, Denison ,TX. Cavanaugh C47



Jump School/refresher Cavanaugh C7A (Caribou)

Normandy, France D-Day celebrations

June 6-7  Angoville au Plain DZ’D’ ‘Drag Em Oot

June 9    La Fiere ‘Iron Mike II’ DZ ‘Drag Em Oot

July 12-14 1941 HAG Air Show, National Warplane Museum, Geneseo, NY ‘Whiskey 7’

Aug 2-4   Gathering of Warbirds and Legends, Topeka, KS C47 

Sept 21     507th PIA reunion, Ft. Benning, GA (jump cancelled due to weather)

Oct 11-12    Eisenhower Birthday Celebration, Denison, TX Cavanaugh C7

Oct 18-19   Skyball, Dallas TX Static Display only

Oct 25-27   Alliance Air Show, Fort Worth,TX Cavanaugh C47 and C7A- Caribou 


April 23-27  Refresher and Currency training 

June 4-8  Normandy, France DDay Celebrations – all jumps from C47 ‘Whiskey 7’ 

June 4    Angoville au Plain DZ ’D’ June 5 Amfreville DZ ‘T’ 

June 7   Graignes 507th/501st June 8 La Fiere ‘Iron Mike II’ DZ 

June 21-22  Lest We Forget, Benton Harbor, MI - 'Whiskey 7'

July 11-13  1941 HAG Air Show, National Warplane Museum, Geneseo, NY ‘Whiskey 7’ 

August 23-24  Duluth Air and Aviation Expo, Duluth, MN ‘Whiskey 7’ 

September 18-21  Operation Market Garden, NL 'Drag Em Oot' 

September 26-28   California International Air Show, Salinas, CA Paso Robles C47 

October 10/11  Eisenhower Birthday Celebration, Denison, TX Cavnaugh C8 


February  Participated in promotional filming for Frontiers of Flight Museum 

April 26-May 1 

Jump School/Refresher Denison TX 

Normandy, France ( 3 jumps) C47- L4 

June 5  Graignes DZ 

June 6  Amfreville DZ 'T' 

June 7  La Fiere - 'Iron Mike II' DZ 

August 8   507th PIR Airborne Ball Columbus, GA 

August 15  Fort Benning, GA 75th Anniversary of the AIRBORNE 'Southern Cross' 

September 18-20   Operation Market Garden, Netherlands L4

October 11  Eisenhower bday celebration Denison TX 'Southern Cross' 

December  3-6   ICAS Convention, Las Vegas NV 

2016 - Activities in the United States

April 24-30 - Jump school/refresher and currency jumps Place : TBD Airframe 182 and C47 Contact Karl Johnson

For following events: Contact Jil Launay at

Sept. 24/25 - California International Airshow Salinas,CA                             C47 - 'Betsy's Biscuit Bomber'            C53 - 'DDay Doll'

Oct. 15/16 - Fort Worth Alliance Airshow Alliance Airport, Fort Worth,TX

Oct 22 - Rose City Rotor Fest, Tyler Pound Regional Airport, Tyler TX

October 24-26 - Wings Over Dallas, Dallas Executive Airport   C47-'Bluebonnet Belle'

Oct 28/29 - Commemorative Air Force  Wings Over Dallas , Dallas Executive Airport            Dallas,TX 

2016 - Activities in Europe

June 3
- 1130 
 Graignes DZ
June 4 - 1200 Amfreville DZ 'T' (Jump to follow 11:30 507th PIR ceremony at Amfreville Memorial)
June 5 - La Fiere 'Iron Mike II' DZ (Jump to precede Military drop)
June 6 -  Weather makeup day

June 11 - National Mounted Warfare Foundation Event C47 Cavanaugh C8 

Sept 16-18 Operation Market Garden, Netherlands with Parachute Group Holland           C47 - 'Drag em Oot'

Upcoming events 2016 

December 4-8   ICAS Convention, Las Vegas NV

UPDATED 11/15/2016:


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