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The Liberty Jump Team, Inc is a 501(c)(19) organization. The donation you make towards our organization is a tax deductible donation. Your donation helps our team portray one of the greatest causes in our world history. An earlier event that has changed the lives of so many around the world
Our team commemorates veterans that give their lives so freely, and to the current soldiers in the Military around the world that give their lives each day. We continue to live and enjoy the many freedoms we all have.
Our hope is that the events surrounding WWII in our lifetime will never happen again and that mankind will learn from this tradgedy. Millions of soldiers here and abroad lost and gave their lives.
The amount you give today goes towards the activities of continuing to educate others about this and other events in our world history, will go along way teaching others. Our team gives alot of their time toward these and other activities around the globe. Won't you take the time to donate today?
Thank you graciously for your donation,
Liberty Jump Team, Inc

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Come join our Dynamic Jump Team

You are invited to join an exciting commemorative parachute team. The Liberty Jump Team honors honors WWII heroes of the ' greatest generation' and other U.S Veterans of all Wars and Foreign Conflicts. Our jumps commemorate the D-Day invasion and the liberation of Europe, which was a major world hisorical event.
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